Since 2005, I have provided 8 software, more than 150 websites, thousands of       IT services support

Website Creator

Websites were constructed in line with the requests of companies and factories serving in the Project, Construction, Restaurant, Association, Petrol Station, Farm, Educational Institutions, Real Estate, Steel Construction, Health, Food, Energy and Manufacturing sectors.

i have a tech blog and my blog has been visited more than 1 million times


Mostly web-based software has been developed to meet the needs of factories, small and medium-sized companies, chain markets and personal needs.

I mainly work with PHP language.

I am improving myself and learning vue.js , codeigniter and flutter for mobile programming

Computer Systems

I have been providing Microsoft Windows OS, Microsoft Server OS, modem, access point, repeater and fortigate firewall installation and support services for more than 16 years.

I provide installation and support for mail client software such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird.

I support HP, Canon, Samsung, Epson brand printers, Argox, Godex, Toshiba thermal printers and DSIC, Casio terminals.

Self-taught , full stack web developer

Software support services

Computer repair and maintenance services


Please get in touch via e-mail for inquiries, requests or questions:

About Me

I’ve spent the past 15+ years working across different areas of information systems; front-end development, web design, web programmer, computer repair maintenance.